March 2, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Treasure Box

What I love about St. Patrick’s Day is that it is just so magical. The allure of fairies and Leprechauns just makes it so fun for children! I designed a little treasure box using Perler Beads and a recycled chicken bouillon container.

The night before Saint Patrick’s Day children should leave their treasure boxes out. In the morning children will awake to their treasure boxes being filled with mysterious treasures from the magical world of fairies, pots of gold, and Leprechauns. The trinkets are little though, because the Leprechauns are tiny; their small hands cannot carry big treasures.

Follow the instructions below for the perfect small treasure box to hold tiny magical trinkets. Gold glitter was added to the treasure box to attract Leprechauns because they love gold!

Materials Needed:
Washed and Cleaned Chicken Bouillon Container or Similar Style Container with a Screw Lid 
Perler Beads
Perler Peg Boards (round and square)
Gold Glitter Glue
Glue Dots

1. Begin by forming the clover using Perler Beads and a Perler Square Peg Board.
2. Finish clover according to the manufacture's finishing instructions (ironing both sides).
3. Using gold glitter glue draw the four clover leaves onto the Perler Bead Clover Shape.

4. Form a circle using Perler Beads and a Perler Circle Peg Board.
5. Finish circle according to the manufacture's finishing instructions (ironing both sides).

6. Attach ribbon around the sides of the container, use glue dots to attach the clover to the front and the circle shape to the top.  Finish the treasure box with gold glitter glue around the edges.

Look for future posts on how to make small magical trinkets; for now read my review and helpful hints for working with Perler Beads.

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