March 1, 2010

Perler Products and Beads Review

Another snow day here in New Hampshire; I began my morning searching for easy crafts that my children could do today. I wanted a craft that was simple, mess-free, open to lots of creativity, and that didn’t require lots of parent involvement.

I purchased a couple of weeks ago (yes, I purchased them with my own money this is not a paid review), 6000 Perler Beads that come in a bucket with a handle (totally will re-use the bucket), some Perler Peg Boards, and Perler Activity Kits. Until this morning we had not had a chance to use any of the Perler products. Today, with no school, it seemed like the perfect opportunity for them to sit down and get creative.

One of activity kits had glow-in-the-dark beads. My daughter began with that kit and made a glow-in-the-dark star. Once she formed the star on the peg board my job was to follow the easy steps of ironing her creation. However, instead of ironing it for 10 seconds on each side, like they recommend, I did more like 30 to 40 seconds and I pressed very hard. The result was a very flat star. We were also given in the kit cording to run through one of the beads to hang the star. However, because of its very flat nature she has decided to just place it on her nightstand. Gotta love her!

My son followed a written pattern that came with one of his activity kits to make a crocodile. This time I lightly ironed his creation for only 10 seconds one each side. However, he did not like the raised look and preferred the “flat” look of his sisters. So back to the iron I went and this time on purpose smooshed his.

Lastly, my daughter created from her own imagination a smiley face. This creation is slightly raised and has a less melted look than the rest.

The hardest part for me obviously was getting the ironing correct. My children seemed to love creating on the peg boards I just wasn’t quite satisfied with the finished look. I am unsure if I like the smooshed look or the raised look? But luckily for me my children loved both!

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