February 28, 2010

How to Make Beaded Snap Clips with Ribbon Bow Accents

Snap Clip Barrettes are a great way to pull back little girl's hair. I have designed these beaded snap clips with ribbon accents that your little one is sure to love.

Things You'll Need:
* Small Glass Beads of Assorted Colors
* 24 gauge jewelry wire
* Clear Nylon Filament
* ¾ to 1 inch Ribbon
* Hot Glue
* Spool of Clear Nylon Thread
* Snap Clips
* Wire Cutters
* Flat Nose Pliers
* Lighter or Candle

Cut 6 inches of 24 gauge jewelry wire. Bend wire around one side of the snap clip, pull tightly and wrap once more.

Cut 24 inches of Clear Nylon Filament and thread under the wire you just bent (towards the top of snap clip). Once filament is through tie it in knot. Use your Flat Nose Pliers to flatten the wire into the clip and securing the filament into place.

Begin to thread an assortment of glass beads on the wire. Thread almost to the end of the wire. Use the last bit of wire to bend it down and secure the beads in place.

Take the secured end of filament and begin to wrap it around each bead tightly. Shape the wire as you go; bending and curving with snap clip.

When you reach the other side of the snap clip, bend the wire around twice. Thread the filament through and secure with a knot. Flatten with your pliers.

To make the bow, cut a strip 3 inches long. Prevent the end of the ribbon from fraying by gently placing into the blue part of a flame only the VERY tip of the ribbon.

Join each sealed end into the center of the ribbon. Use clear nylon thread to make a running stitch up the center. Wrap the nylon thread around the center (tightly) about four times and then tie off.

Using the clear nylon thread attach the glass beads the center of the bow.

Attach the bow to the center hole of the snap clip, using the clear nylon thread.

Hot glue the bottom of the bow to the snap clip, gluing over the wire that you bent to start and finish the beading process.


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