September 9, 2011

How to Make a Fur Teddy Bear

I have not had a lot of experience working with craft fur until recently.  Working with craft fur can be challenging and there are definite tips I have learned along the way.  I began researching craft fur before I wrote a review for Crafts Unleashed of their craft fur products.  I learned tips for cutting the fur, finding the nap of the fur, and sewing with the fur.  My review along with tips for working with craft fur can be found here.

I also designed for Crafts Unleashed a very simple tutorial for making a teen fur messenger bag.  Every since I started working with the craft fur I have been hooked!  My daughter requested that I make her a soft fur teddy bear and I was happy to oblige. 

I used a very simple small teddy bear pattern.

I traced the pattern pieces on the back of the fur with chalk.  I was very carefully how I placed the pattern pieces.  Remember you have to find the nap of the craft fur and cut accordingly.  Your bear will look very funny if one side of his face has hair facing downwards while the other side of his face has hair facing upwards. 

When cutting the patterned pieces out you need very sharp pointed scissors.  Try to cut just the backing of the craft fur not the actual fur.  Point your scissors in an upward direction and slowing cut along the back.

Cut all the pattern pieces out.

Sewing the craft fur together is a little difficult.  Line the edges up and as you sew slowly push the fur inside to keep it from getting caught up in the stitching.  I used a little crochet hook to push the fur in as I sewed.  ~ Seemed the safest way! 

Once the pattern pieces are sewed together, turn right side out.  The backing of the fur is very stiff and I used my flat end of my crochet hook to help turn the pieces right side out.  I used stuffing to form the bears body and head.

Lastly, I hand-stitched the bear's head to its body.  I then combed the fur with a little soft baby brush.

My first fur bear is complete.  My daughter loves him so I guess that is all that matters.  I am not quite sure what I think of him.  However, I am confident as I continue to use craft fur and design more complex projects the results will get better and better.


  1. Thanks for sharing how to work with the fur, Sarah. I've seen that in the store, but didn't know if it was stuff you glue on or if you could sew with it. Glad your daughter loved her new teddy bear.

  2. How cute! I haven't had the chance to work with craft fur yet, but you make it look easy!

    Congrats on making the new Glue Dots design team! Looking forward to seeing what you can do with Glue Dots :)

  3. Wonderful project, he is really cute! Congrats on making the Glue Dots team. I am really excited to be working with you.
    Samantha Peyton

  4. Oh my this is adorable! Sarah we would LOVE for you to come on over and link this up in our Bowdabra Crafty Showcase! What a fun project for kids to do this summer!

    Have a great weekend,

    Susie @Bowdabra


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