February 19, 2010

How to Make a Caterpillar Costume for Dress-Up

Dress-up costumes are fun for children and perfect for sparking their imagination. I chose to use fleece to make this costume. Fleece is the perfect material for a caterpillar costume and it is very easy to work with. No ironing, hemming, or re-enforcing seams.

This costume can be used over my butterfly costume.  Caterpillar can then morph into a butterfly.  These Dress-up costumes are perfect to go with a caterpillar to butterfly lesson plan or to be used in a school play like: Goin' Buggy

Materials Needed:
22” Zipper
Marabou (for antennas)
2 Pom-Poms (for antennas)
Sewing Machine
Hot Glue Gun (for antennas)

(click on photo to enlarge pattern instructions)
1. First begin by measuring the child you are making the caterpillar costume for. Measure from the shoulder down to the ankle. Then measure from one shoulder to the other this will be the size of the fleece you need to cut out (cut 2).
2. Cut strips for the sides of the costume. The strips need to be the length of the costume and 3 to 4 inches wide. Sew the sides to the front and back of the costume.
3. Cut a small half circle on the top front of the costume along the neckline. Cut a slit in the fleece the length of the zipper. Cut an extra ¼ inch on either side of the slit to make room for the zipper. Sew the zipper into the costume inside out. The child has to be able zip themselves in and out of the costume. Without arm holes they need to zip the costume from the inside.
4. Cut fleece strips for the shoulders and sew on.
5. Cut a rectangular block for the hood.
6. Sew the sides together curve the seam near the top of the hood. Attach the bottom of the hood to the costume.
7. Cut out two small rectangular pieces for the collar; attach a collar to the top front.
8. Optional: To make antennas for the costume you can either make headband antennas or attach the antennas right to the hood. To attach the antennas to the hood; pierce a small hole on either side of the hood. Thread a pipe cleaner through each hole. Spiral the very bottom of each of the pipe cleaners on the inside of the hood and hot glue in place. Next, thread a spring over each of the pipe cleaners. Wrap the pipe cleaners down around each of the springs. Wrap and hot glue marabou around each of the springs. Hot glue a pom pom onto each of the antennas.

For more Dress-Up Costumes Tutorials search the dress-up label.

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