February 14, 2014

Mardi Gras Bead Craft Ideas

What to do with all those Mardi Gras beads.  During this time of year they are a party staple.  You can find them at craft stores and discount stores CHEAP.  I love Mardi Gras beads because they come in so many pretty colors and they are super inexpensive.  Here are some great craft ideas!

Make these fun curtains using ribbon to hold all the beads together.
Pin Source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/207165651581077558/

Chic Beaded Frame

Decorate Bottles with the Beads
Pin Source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/103371753917981449/

Grab a canvas and make some art!

Mardi Gras Ribbon Wrapped Bangles

Votives Wrapped in Mardi Gras Beads

Melted Mardi Gras Bead Suncatchers

Mardi Gras Beaded Headbands

February 11, 2014

Ribbon Wrapped Bead Headbands Tutorial

Turn boring plastic headbands into gorgeous ribbon wrapped beaded headbands in no time!  Using materials I purchased at the Dollar Store I was able to make expensive looking boutique style headbands.  Please follow my tutorial below to learn how to make them.  For more information about using Mardi Gras beads and ribbon, in crafts, view my beaded Mardi Gras bangles bracelets.

I purchased at the Dollar Store some Mardi Gras beads, some thin headbands, a long candle lighter, and thin width sheer ribbon.

Next, to make the headbands I knotted the ribbon around the third bead.

Heat seal the end of the ribbon and place it under the headband and press it against the back.  When you heat seal sheer ribbon it melts and is sticky.  Wrap the ribbon down to the end of the bead and then back up all around the headband.

Continue wrapping the ribbon all the way to the other side and then back again to where you started - at the original knot.  Heat seal the ribbon and press it against the other ribbons to hold it all in place.  Use the lighter to trim away the string at the very end of the first beads, as well.  Use extra caution always when using the lighter.

Your ribbon and bead headband is complete!

Follow the instructions to make several!

February 10, 2014

Beaded Mardi Gras Bangle Bracelets

I am so excited to share the beaded Mardi Gras Bangle Bracelets that I made.

I was on Pinterest the other day and found a video tutorial by Mark Montano on how to make your very own ribbon wrapped bangle bracelets.  I was overwhelmed with the sheer genius of his video tutorial.  He suggested using zip ties as the base of the bangle bracelet.  GENIUS!

I have embed the video tutorial for you to view for yourself.  After you have watched the video check out my tutorial below I made just a few changes.

To make my own Mardi Gras Bangle Bracelets I just made a few modifications.

  • Instead of using clear plastic tape I used a black duct tape.  
  • Instead of fray check I used a lighter to seal my ribbon on both ends.  
  • I hot glued the two end beads together so that there would be a place for the ribbon to overlap.  
  • Lastly, my final ribbon seal I melted the ribbon end and pressed it against the other ribbon to hold it all in place.  
  • Also, be careful to check the beads. I started to make a bracelet only to realize half way through two of the beads were glued together with no spaces.

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