February 10, 2014

Beaded Mardi Gras Bangle Bracelets

I am so excited to share the beaded Mardi Gras Bangle Bracelets that I made.

I was on Pinterest the other day and found a video tutorial by Mark Montano on how to make your very own ribbon wrapped bangle bracelets.  I was overwhelmed with the sheer genius of his video tutorial.  He suggested using zip ties as the base of the bangle bracelet.  GENIUS!

I have embed the video tutorial for you to view for yourself.  After you have watched the video check out my tutorial below I made just a few changes.

To make my own Mardi Gras Bangle Bracelets I just made a few modifications.

  • Instead of using clear plastic tape I used a black duct tape.  
  • Instead of fray check I used a lighter to seal my ribbon on both ends.  
  • I hot glued the two end beads together so that there would be a place for the ribbon to overlap.  
  • Lastly, my final ribbon seal I melted the ribbon end and pressed it against the other ribbon to hold it all in place.  
  • Also, be careful to check the beads. I started to make a bracelet only to realize half way through two of the beads were glued together with no spaces.


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