April 23, 2010

How to Make Bandana Rag Bow

Let me just start off by saying I love Bandanas! They come in loads of cool colors, are the perfect size for so many things, and they are cheap. Two thumbs up in my book.

I bought several different bandanas from Walmart for a $1.00 each the other day. I wanted to use them to make rag bows. However, I wanted something a little different than the typical rag bows so, of course, in true Sewing and Crafting with Sarah style here is my version of rag bows.

• Sheering Scissors
• Bandana
• Embroidery Thread and Needle
• Ouchless Ponytail Elastic
• Wavy Disc Bead

When you purchase the bandana it is normally folded into a rectangle like this.

Fold the bandana in half again and cut along the fold.  You will have two halves each half will make one bow.

Using sheering scissors cut along the edges, you will have 8 squares per bow.

Using double stranded embroidery thread, sew all 8 squares together in the center.

Beginning with the top square, pinch it in the center and sew the sides together. Gather the next square and sew it through the center and along the sides.

Continue gathering the squares, pinching them towards the center, and sewing along the sides.

Sew all the sides except for the last square.

To Attach the Rubber Band: Using double stranded embroidery thread, thread it through the top center of the bow, through the back of the bow, attach a wavy disc bead, wrap it around elastic, bring it back through the bead, and then through the center of the rag bow. Do this several times.

Helpful Hints:
1. For a crisp bow spray the bow with starch when you are done.
2. The hair bow is heavy and not meant for placement on the very top of your head but looks great with a loose ponytail at the nape of your neck.
3. The wavy disk beads may be hard to find, I purchased my several years ago.  However, the wavy discs work great as a finishing piece.  Search google and ebay for wavy disc beads.  If you have a store that sells wavy disc beads please contact me at sarahforhan@sarahforhan.com so that I can pass the information along to my readers.

For a No-Sew Rag Bow Tutorial visit the Bowdabra Blog

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