September 13, 2011

Multi-Ribbon Strand Necklace

I have been designing ribbon and bead jewelry using a new product called Ribbon-to-Bead.  The ribbon comes with a wire needle already attached which makes adding beads to the ribbon super easy!

Visit the Bowdabra Blog to learn how to make a Multi-Ribbon Strand Necklace and order Ribbon-to-Bead.



  1. I love this necklace! The color and bead choice are awesome and I love the layers! I can't wait to start making ribbon necklaces!

  2. Hey Lady! I am doing a month of Halloween crafts and recipes on my blog in October. I was wondering if you would want to join in the fun?

    I know you are busy, but thought I would ask incase you have some fun Halloween/fall themed projects you might want to share. We could even do a Bowdabra halloween roundup and get peopel to check out the Bowdabra blog.


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