March 1, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Kid's Crafts by Crafters4Kids

I am very proud of the kid-friendly crafts that I designed for Crafters4Kids ( for Saint Patrick's Day.  The goal of Crafters4Kids is to provide easy, inexpensive, simple to make crafts that parents can do with their children. provides step-by-step pictures with instructions for all of their crafts.  They are available for download in picture format or in an easy printer friendly version.

Visit and click St. Patrick's Day Crafts for all of the St. Pat's Day craft tutorials.

A few of my favorite crafts are the Magic Leprechaun Wand and the Leprechaun Treat Hat.  I think the idea of Leprechauns is such magical fun thing for children.  These crafts incorporated with a Leprechaun Fairy Tale would make a wonderful lesson plan for the classroom, home-schoolers, or just a fun afternoon "craft time" with a parent.  I recommend "Jack and the Leprechaun" by Ivan Robertson, here is an online opinion of the book and a storyline.

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