March 25, 2013

Everything Oz Book Review

I was really excited to review Everything Oz by Christine Leech and Hannah Read - Baldrey.

My kids and I adore the classic The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and what better way to celebrate it than with crafts, recipes, and party decor!

Everything Oz: Make Munchkin Placecards, Over the Rainbow Cake, "I'm Melting" Witch Candles, and Much More  The book is full of clear instructions and templates for making crafts and party decor.

Follow the instructions to make their Munchkin Place Cards.  How cute is this!  My daughter and I had so much fun making the little munchkin.  The instructions were easy to follow and we made it in less than 30 minutes.

My son and I had a great time making a flying monkey.

I am also really excited to make these emerald hairpieces.  The authors provide step-by-step instructions and I can't wait to make them.  Stay tuned for my hair clips.  Wow! Right?

About the Authors (pictured above):
Christine Leech is an art director with more than 15 years of experience in designing and art directing magazines. She has worked on publications that include Fabulous, Look, Marie Clare, and New Women, and she contributed to the launch of Hobbycraft Magazine.

Hannah Read-Baldrey is a props and fashion stylist who has worked with leading international publications including Cath Kidston, Elle, Red, and Vogue magazines. She also works with craft superstore Hobbycraft on ideas and themes for its magazine and website.

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