April 8, 2013

Celebrate Earth Day with a Scrap Fabric Wreath

I love using recycled materials to make crafts - and I don't limit re-purposing to Earth Day.  However, Earth Day is a great excuse to showcase my recycling crafty talents.

Did you know that it only takes one twin bed-sheet to make a scrap fabric wreath?  True!  I used every bit of the fabric but I was able to make a full fabric wreath with one twin bed-sheet.

Here is another little tip - Always use a sheet that is printed on both sides.  This way your wreath is uniform in color.

I cut my fabric 3" wide by 7" long.  The result was chunky fun spring style wreath!

Visit the Bowdabra Blog for the full tutorial and all the deets for making a pretty bow to compliment your scrap fabric wreath.


  1. Love the wreath, it's very pretty. Did you use an old sheet or did you go to the Goodwill? If you used one of your old ones, does it matter if it's worn in various places?

  2. I used an "old sheet" that I found at goodwill. It is okay if it is worn in places it just will add to the character of the wreath. I cut the strips 3" by 7". If you find that there is a place on the sheet with holes or really worn just don't use those pieces. Hope this helps.


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