February 5, 2013

Kids Arts and Crafts Ladybug Tic Tac Toe

This Valentine's Day I will be visiting the kids in my daughter's classroom and doing an arts and crafts project with them.

My goal when visiting, for a party, is that the craft is no mess!  No mess makes it easier for the kids, easier for the teacher, and so much easier for me!

This year the kids will be making a ladybug and then using the ladybug as a board to play tic tac toe. The craft is fairly simple and the kids can make it in under ten minutes.

Materials Needed: 
  • Black Construction Paper
  • Red Construction Paper
  • 1 Black Pipe Cleaner (makes 4 Antennas)
  • Foam Heart Stickers
  • Googly Eyes
  • 2 Brads 
  • Silver Painters Pen or White Chalk
  • Candy for playing tic tac toe (buttons or foam would work, too)

1.  Begin by cutting out your ladybug pattern.  I designed a pdf template for download here.  You will need two wings and the ladybug's body is folded in half - cut along the fold of the paper.

 2. Next, gather all the materials that you will need for the project.  There are 20 students in my daughter's class.  I have pre-cut the wings and ladybug's body for them.  I also hole punched places for the antennas and wings.

3.  Kids can design the ladybug's face by adding hearts, googly eyes, and pipe cleaner antennas.  They can decorate the wings with more stickers or even use markers.  Next, you can add a tic tac toe board for them using a silver painters pen or have them make their own using white chalk.

4. Kids can attach the wings using brads.  Then they just need to open the wings to play a game of tic tac toe!

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