January 10, 2013

Book Review Crocheted Baby Clothes

My love for crocheting has grown leaps and bounds since I learned how to read crochet patterns.  However, being still fairly new to the "crocheting world" I have been focusing my crocheting efforts on smaller projects.  Baby clothes are the perfect small little projects - you learn how to crochet hats, sweaters, dresses, and accessories on a smaller scale.

Author, Nicki Trench shares 35 adorable projects for babies and infants in her book, Cute and Easy Crocheted Baby Clothes.  Though, basic crochet knowledge would be really helpful for reading these patterns - it is not necessary.  Nicki dedicates an entire chapter to techniques.  She starts with simple things like making a slip knot, holding your hook, and then adds details for all the chains that are used in the book.

The crochet tutorials are available in four easy chapters: Chapter 1: Sweaters and Cardigans, Chapter 2: Stepping Out (hats and booties), Chapter 3: Jackets, shawls, and dresses, and Chapter 4: Toys, accessories, and room decorations.

While scanning through the book I was immediately draw to Chapter 4: Toys, accessories, and room decorations.  I absolutely adore the Happy Stars Crib Garland, as well as, Billy the Bear.

I also adore that many of her sweater and hat tutorials have extra little crochet details.  I especially went gaga over the crocheted flowers.  I am also looking for ways to add little extras to sewing crafts and hair bows.

On my immediate to-do list is the baby booties.  I have yet to crochet booties and they look like the perfect starter project.

Disclaimer: I purchased the book Cute and Easy Crocheted Baby Clothes it was not given to me to review.  My review is my honest thoughts and opinions.

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