November 6, 2012

DIY Fabric Flowers Tutorial

I have been working on making a collection of fabric flower tutorials using bias tape. Fabric flowers have a variety of uses: clothing embellishments, bobby pins, hair clips, card-making, and scrapbooking.  This DIY tutorial shows you how to make flowers that are 1.75" wide.  Make several flowers in coordinating colors for a beautiful arrangement.

Materials Needed:
17" of Double Wide Bias Tape (For the Flower)
5" of Double Wide Bias Tape (For the Flower's Center)
Matching Thread
Seamstress Tape

1.  Begin by cutting 17" of double wide bias tape.  Whip-stitch the end of the bias tape to keep it from fraying.  In my previous flower tutorial, I used Dritz Fray Check, Fray Check will work but it makes the fabric a little stiff when sewing.

2. Position the bias tape so that the opening is on the bottom.  Fold down the top to form a triangle, leave a small tail.  Knot the end of the point of the triangle.

3. Fold down the other side.  Keep the material close together but not overlapping.

4. Fold the left triangle in and knot it in place.

5. To make your next petal fold the bottom to form a triangle.

6. Fold the triangle up.

7. Fold down the other side.  Keep the material close together but not overlapping.

8. Fold the left triangle in and knot them together.

9. Make a total of 13 petals.  Trim away extra bias tape and whip-stitch the end.

10. Turn the flower over and stitch the two tails together.

11. Next, close to the center of the flower stitch the petals together.

12. To create the flower petals - fold the point of the flower down to the back of the flower and stitch in place.

13. Next, run the stitch over to the material in between of the petals.

14. Move to the next petal, fold it down, stitch in place, and then between the petals.

15. Continue stitching so that all 13 petals are folded down and tacked in place.

16. To make the center of the flower cut 5" of bias tape.  Loosely twist the bias tape.

17. Knot the bias tape in the center.

 18. Place the knot with tails inside of the flower, sew it in place.

19. Trim away excess tails and whip-stitch the ends to keep it from fraying.

20. Follow the instructions to make several flowers and bunch them together.


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