October 22, 2012

Hand-Stitched Small Fabric Flowers

Learn how to make these hand-stitched small fabric flowers using double wide bias tape.

I designed this tutorial a couple of days.  I have had really bad back pain and have been limited on how long I can be stand.   While sitting on the couch the other day, I started experimenting making these little flowers.   I am really happy with the results and so thankful for crafting!  Projects like these little fabric flowers have kept me from going stir crazy!  And, almost made me forget how bad my back hurts! 

Materials Needed:
12" of Double Wide Bias Tape
Sewing Needle
White Beads
Dritz Fray Check

1. Begin by gathering double wide bias tape - choose colors that you would like for flowers.  You will only need 12" to make this small flower

2. Once you decide on the colors cut 12" of bias tape to make your first flower.  Seal the end with Dritz Fray Check.

3. Position the bias tape so that the opening is on the bottom.  Fold down the top to form a triangle.

4. Using matching thread knot the front tip of the triangle.

5. Fold down the other side.  Keep the material close together but not overlapping.

6. Fold the left triangle in.

7. Knot the ends together.

8. To make your next petal fold the bottom to form a triangle.

9. Fold the triangle up.

10. Fold down the other side.  Keep the material close together but not overlapping.

11. Fold the left triangle in and knot them together.

12. Continue making petals - make a total of 9 petals.

13. Trim away excess bias tape, you will have about an inch leftover.  Use fray check to keep it from fraying.  Stitch the beginning petal and then ending petal together on the underneath of the flower.

14. Stitch the opening of the flower closed.  Use a running stitch to pull it tightly closed.

15. Use a bead to cover your stitches.

16. Leave the petals tightly closed or "do what I did" push on the points to open them up.

17. Make several small fabric flowers following these instructions.  Use for hair bow centers, add a collection of flowers to a barrette or headband, or sew them onto clothing.


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