December 21, 2011

Christmas Ribbon Flower Ornament Tutorial

I made a Christmas Ribbon Flower Ornament that was showcased on Crafts Unleashed.  I am a designer for Crafts Unleashed and we are having an ornament challenge with all the designers participating.

I welcome you to visit Crafts Unleashed and vote for your favorite ornament.  By voting for your favorite ornament you are entered into a giveaway.   The giveaway is for a prize pack valued at $100.00. The contest ends 12/27 at 9am Est.  So head on over and vote!

Here is the ornament I submitted for the challenge.  I thought as an extra bonus I would give a detailed tutorial to my readers on how I made it.

Materials Needed to Make a Christmas Ribbon Flower Ornament:
  • 2902-101 Poly Satin Ribbon-White-1 3/8 inch
  • 2902-120 Poly Satin Ribbon-Holiday Green-2.5 inch
  • 2902-106 Poly Satin Ribbon-Red-5/8 inch
  • BOW3050 Bowdabra gold wire 100 yard value pack
  • 02PFS-21-P White Pearl Stamen
  • Thread
  • Sewing Needle
  • Hot Glue Gun

1. Begin with spools of poly satin ribbon.

2. Next, cut three strips of wide green ribbon 8" long.  Fold the ribbon at the half way mark to create a point.  Fold the ribbon again to make the leaf.  Use thread to hold the ends of the leaf together.

3. To make the white ribbon petals cut several strips 5" long.  Fold the ribbon in the same manner to create ribbon petals.  Hold the ends of the ribbon together with thread.

4. Sew all the ends of the petals together to form the flower base.

5. Stitch the green leaves onto the back of the flower base.

6. To create the red ribbon center cut 5" strips and dovetail the ends. Use a running stitch to hold the strips together.

7. Pull the thread and tie it at the center.

8. Add white pearl stamens to the flower center by wrapping the left over thread around them.  Knot the thread and trim away excess.

9. Sew the flower center to the base.

10. Bowdabra Bow Wire works awesome to hang Christmas ornaments.  I hot glued the wire to the back of the ornament and then finished the ornament with a circle cut out from the green poly-satin ribbon.

11. Your Christmas Ribbon Flower Ornament is complete and ready to be hung on the tree.

Please head on over to Crafts Unleashed and vote for your favorite ornament.  If my ornament is not your favorite - How about Paul's (my Dad) painted wooden ornaments?  So cute!

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