March 1, 2011

National Craft Month Day 1 - Yarn Kites

National Craft Month!  A entire month dedicated to crafting; really what could be better.  Each day for the month of March I will be posting a new craft.  I invite you to join me each day to see what craft I will be featuring.

For today, March 1st, I will be featuring Yarn Kites.  This is a really simple craft that is perfect for adults and children.  It is one of those crafts I pull out on a whim because it is always materials I have on hand.  It always seems to entertain my children, and myself!

Materials Needed:
2 Dowels



Mark the center of each dowel and then tie them together in the form of an "X" using yarn, leave the yarn on its spool. They should be tied firmly together.

Using the tail of the yarn, place the yarn to your left. Next, loop the yarn around the front of the dowel and continue to loop around each dowel the same way.


Continue looping the yarn around the dowels. If you would like to change yarn color just tie one end of the yarn to the other.

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