February 14, 2011

A Family That Crafts Together - Stays Together

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

I thought in the true spirit of today it was a perfect time to announce that my father would a contributing blogger here at Sewing and Crafting with Sarah.  My dad, Paul Bartlett, is an excellent woodworker, awesome craftsman, and all around great guy!  He has agreed to showcase some of his crafts on my blog.  He is also now a designer a Crafts Unleashed.  His first post (ever!) is up at Crafts Unleashed; it is a heartwarming story of how he is regaining normalcy after their home fire in 2010.   

A fire is a tragedy for anyone but to be an artist and lose your life's artwork is very hard.  The wood carvings that he has left are the wooden decoys that I have at my home (along with carvings that other family members had at their home).

Please visit him at Crafts Unleashed to read his story along with checking out his "Love" Box he made for Valentine's Day.

Small glimpse of his surviving artwork:

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