March 23, 2011

How to Blow and Dye Easter Eggs

Springtime is a wonderful time to decorate your home. I love to decorate my home with natural elements and spring is no exception. Actually, as the outdoors starts to become alive with new growth it seems even more fitting to have “green” d├ęcor in your home. With the arrival of spring, the coming of Easter, and Earth Day this craft is all encompassing and one of those crafts that can stay up in your home for months.

Though dying, blowing and decorating eggs are not necessarily hard, it is time consuming.

How to Dye and Blow Eggs

Materials Needed:
  • White Eggs
  • Lemon Juice
  • Egg Dying Kit
  • Yarn Needle


1. Begin by dying the white eggs. To dye the eggs I fully submersed the eggs in a mixture of half part lemon juice half part warm water for 20 minutes.

2. Allow eggs to dry for at least an hour.

3. When eggs are fully dry; pierce the top of the egg with a yarn needle. Turn the egg over gently pierce the bottom of the egg, as well. Rotate the yarn needle inside of the egg to break-up the egg yoke and to enlarge the bottom hole slightly. I have experimented with many types of piercing tools. The reason why I recommend a yarn needle, versus anything else, is because of its very sharp point and because of its gradual tapering, unlike a nail that has a sharp point but then gets larger in diameter right after the point.

4. Place a bowl below your egg, in the smaller hole at the top of the egg, blow with steady bursts of air. The eggs contents will start to flow through the larger bottom hole. Wash your lips immediately after with warm water because there may be some dye that gets on your lips. I looked in the mirror right after doing this and I did have green lips. However, it came right off with a wash cloth and some warm water.
5. Follow the above steps for all of your colored eggs.

Craft Notes: Unfortunately, the eggs’ contents are not safe to eat because of the length of time the eggs have been sitting out drying and unrefrigerated. If you prefer to be able to reuse the egg yokes for cooking you must blow the eggs before dying them. However, cold eggs are very hard to blow. I would recommend letting the eggs sit on the counter for at least 10 minutes before blowing. To dye the eggs that has already been blown DO NOT use vinegar or lemon juice with the dye. The vinegar and lemon juice create a weird chemical reaction with the inside of the eggs and the dye becomes very foamy. Only use water and dying tablets and allow the eggs to dry for several hours. Water and dye will leak through the holes of the eggs.

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  1. Most people aren't aware that there are "egg" gourds. They are around the same size and shape as a real egg but not quite so messy. LOL Farmers have been using them for years to put under chickens to fool them into thinking they are sitting. LOL A little different to work with but still pretty neat.

    Hugs XX


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