March 24, 2011

Easter Eggs for Spring Decor

Blown eggs (tutorial available here) are so delicate, fragile, but perfect in shape and contour. Eggs truly represent the bountiful gifts of Mother Nature. Of course, eggs can be eaten and their shells can be used for compost. But decorating with eggs opens a whole new element of home décor, a natural earth-friendly decorating item.

How to Decorate Blown Eggs

Materials Needed:

1. To decorate your blown colored eggs begin by making a simple wire wrapped loop at one end of the 18 gauge wire. Don’t be intimidated it is very easy to make. I specifically chose, 18 gauge wire because it is very easy to work with, easy on your hands, and very malleable.


2. Thread the small 4mm transparent faceted beads onto the 18 gauge wire in any style pattern. Depending on how many loops you would like to wrap around your egg is how long your wire should be. Experiment with different lengths of wire. I found it interesting to vary the lengths of my wire for different eggs so no two eggs looked alike.

3. Finish the end with another wire wrapped loop, to hold strung beads together. Next, twist the wire so that the center has the largest loop and the two outer edges have smaller loops.


4. Place the egg into the center of the loop and then gently start to manipulate the wire and beads so that it is wrapped around the blown egg.


5. Place decorated eggs into Consumer Crafts little 3” nests for a wonderful springtime and Easter home décor decoration.


Come back tomorrow for a variation of this craft. Instead of resting eggs in a nest, learn the final steps to hang eggs!

Original Post at Crafts Unleashed, craft material provided by Consumer Crafts
Craft Designer: Sarah Forhan
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