March 25, 2011

Hanging Easter Eggs for Springtime

Hang eggs in a window or on a tree branch.  Here at Sewing and Crafting with Sarah we are all "egg"static about home decor with eggs!  The first tutorial gave instructions on how to dye and blow the egg and the second on how to wrap strands of beads around the egg. This final tutorial is an add-on to the second tutorial. Follow the detailed step-by-step instructions in Tutorial 2 for wrapping the eggs with beads, and then refer to this tutorial for placing a wire through the egg and hanging. I have also designed an option to hang several eggs from each other creating a wonderful hanging "spring" focal point for any room.

How to Hang Decorated Blown Eggs

Materials Needed:

I have used a variety of bead sizes in this craft to demonstrate you are not limited in the size and type of beads you can use. The different colors and sizes of beads only add to the creativity and glorious "spring" feel of these eggs.


1. Follow the instructions for making a decorated beaded egg for Springtime. Then cut a piece of 18 gauge wire about 8” in length make a wire wrapped loop at one end.  Thread a bead onto the end.


2. Thread the wire through the loop of the strung beads, add another bead, and then thread it through the egg. Once wire is through the egg attach another bead, thread it through the wire loop, attach a bead, and finish with a final wrapped loop. Cut way any extra wire.


3. Your decorated egg can now be used as a hanging decoration.


4. Craft Variation: Make another hanging decorated egg, however, this time wire loop the egg around the previous egg’s bottom loop.


The possibilities with this craft are as endless and you’re only limited by your imagination.

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