January 6, 2011

Sneak Peek Into My Craft Studio

Over at Crafts Unleashed last week, I published a post giving a sneak peek into my craft studio.  Really it was a peek I wasn't that comfortable with.  I worked right up until Christmas Eve on craft projects for several clients.  Christmas really is the busiest time for most crafters, myself included, and I was feeling disheveled and my studio was absolutely a mess.  I decided to work on my craft space all this week and add a few more pictures here on my blog.

My "numero uno" problem is that I have a ton of craft supplies and a tiny little studio.  My studio is off in the corner of our basement.  Why?  One, because our house is too small to put it anywhere else and two, I am the ultimate martyr and I would hate to inconvenience my family with piles of my craft goodies throughout our home.   So instead I designed my studio with inexpensive plastic storage shelves floor to ceiling using every inch of floor space available.  I then filled the plastic storage shelves with plastic storage containers.  My plastic consumption is probably responsible for global warming.  But I can't help it, plastic is cheap and the easiest way for me to get the most use out of my little crafting space. 

Fortunately, for me I still feel inspired down in my little office surrounded by my ugly storage containers.  I think because it is my space, separate from the rest of the house, and every inch of wall is filled with craft goodness. 

I do have a few favorite pieces that are not plastic.  I keep all my office supplies (pens, pencils, stapler, etc) in a wooden decorative box that I bought at Home Goods.  Love that thing!  I also have a circular style hat box that my husband gave me awhile back that I keep more office supplies in.  And my newest purchases are really large gift boxes that I bought at Wal-Mart on Christmas Clearance for $2.50, for the set.  I really like the bright colors, they add a little cheer among the gray plastic!

Even cleaned up is my office "Martha Stewart" pretty?  Nope, but it is my little hole in the ground and I love it! - Sarah Forhan

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