January 10, 2011

Fabric Messenger Bag

Looking for a super easy pattern to make a large purse, messenger bag, or laptop case?  I came up with this pattern several years ago when I was given a table runner that I loved but it didn't quite fit the color scheme of my home.  Instead of storing it away or re-gifting it I decided to make a messenger bag out of it.  Now whenever I go to a home goods store I always make a "bee-line" for the table runners to check out the latest fabric designs.

Recently, I found a black and white table runner that I loved and thought it would make the cutest bag.

To make the bag I cut the table runner in half and then hemmed the unfinished end.    Next, I folded the table runner to make a pocket.  You can design the bag's shoulder straps using decorative cording, hem tape, twill, or ribbon.  Once you have made the perfect straps place the ends between the two sides of the pocket.  Sew both sides of the purse together along with the shoulder straps.  Ta-da, presto, instant shoulder bag!  Just, fold the top fabric down as a flap to close the purse.  If you are feeling really crafty attach velcro or hooks to keep the flap closed.  The best part about this pattern is that one table runner makes two messenger bags! 

Craft Designer - Sarah Forhan

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