January 11, 2011

Stellar Star Barrette

Today is 1-11-11, how cool is that!  I wanted to make something to represent today.  I saw Consumer Crafts advertising shipping for $1.11 in honor of today, "Stellar Savings is in the Stars".  I decided to make "Star" my theme for a felt barrette.

I love stiff craft felt it is often sold in the children's craft aisle with foam and pipe cleaners.  Even though it is thought of as a children's craft product, as an adult I really like creating with it.  I like that the stiff craft felt comes in a variety of colors, thicknesses, they even have glitter felt!!  For me the best feature of stiff craft felt is that you can score it and bend it!

I made a stellar star barrette first by tracing a large plastic barrette cover, next I scored the edges of the felt with a razor, and folded the felt around the plastic.  I glued the felt in place, added a bottom center piece of felt, attached a large french clip, and then covered where the two felt pieces met with cording. 

To finish the barrette I added a shooting star across the front with the adhesive backed stiff felt.

Check back tomorrow for pictures and instructions for making a stiff felt purse!

Craft Designer - Sarah Forhan

1 comment:

  1. Anyone would want to wear one of those patriotic barrets!


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