December 29, 2010

Christmas Card Ball Ornaments

What to do with the Christmas Cards now that the holidays are over?  Instead of throwing away the Christmas Cards or storing them; why not make them into Christmas Tree Ornaments.  During Christmas Break I am always looking for ways to keep my children occupied.  This craft is perfect to do before the tree is taken down the ornaments are stored away.  Make the ornaments now and then in a week when the tree is down the Christmas Card Ball Ornaments can be neatly put away with the other ornaments. 

My children and I have made these ornaments several years in a row and there is a lot of instructions on the web.  However, the easiest to follow instructions for this craft (with step-by-step pictures instructions) is here at InkSpired Creations.

I prefer to make the ornaments really large just because it easier for my children to work with them.  However, the great thing about this pattern is you can make them as large or as small as you want.  We used ribbon in the center, as well as, adding a few charms and beads at the bottom.  The kids also have fun adding little charms along the edges where the cards meet.

 Post written by Sarah Forhan, Craft Designer

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