November 17, 2010

Handmade Beaded Christmas Ornaments

Time to get creative! I love Christmas Ornaments, I love how they twinkle, sparkle, and shine. I love that each ornament has a history and a story. I cherish the holiday ornaments that are handmade; with each ornament that is placed on the tree I think back to the time I made it or a time when my children and I made them.

It was because of my love for handmade Christmas Ornaments that I designed step-by-step instructions for making five gorgeous holiday ornaments using “Ribbon to Bead” by Morex. I added an accent bow to each of the ornaments using the Mini Bowdabra and Ruler.

I am pleased to announce that step-by-step instructions are available for download at Bowdabra’s Ribbon & Things Craft Store. As a designer, I am thrilled that you as the customer can first download the instructions free of charge and then after reading the instructions order the holiday ornament kits! Bowdabra’s outstanding integrity and high level of customer service is just one of the reasons why I love designing for them! 

Click on the ornament's pictures for kit pricing and free instructions.

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  1. These ornaments are stunning! Thank you for sharing your expertise. It isn't every artist that is as generous as you are. I am so glad that I purchased a Bowdabra w/the measuring tool. The disc was so helpful and thanks to you the crafts I can make with it are endless.


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