September 21, 2010

Snazaroo Face Paint Review

With Halloween approaching I thought a face paint review would be perfect.

I need really good face paint because I will be face painting next weekend at my town’s Fall Festival. I scoured the shelves for face paint that would be safe, non-toxic, and FDA Compliant because I know that I will be face-painting hundreds of kids.

The paint I chose was Snazaroo it is the “world’s safest & easiest to use”. Snazaroo paint is water-based and it washes off easily with soap and water. I also liked that they had a variety of colors to offer individually packaged, tons of different color palettes, and they even offer metallic paint.

Before I even began practicing with the paint I went to Snazaroo’s website. The website is full of great ideas, loads of pictures, and step-by-step instructions for some of the more common themes. I was thrilled with the paint before I even used it!

At my town’s Fall Festival I will be doing more cheek painting than actual face painting so I will not be applying the paint with a sponge but rather a paintbrush. I just wet my paintbrush, brushed it across the color, and then painted. It was very easy to paint with!

I decided to test the Snazaroo paint on myself by painting an octopus on my hand.   The octupus design was inspired from an image on the Snazaroo site.  For the main body of the octopus I used blue and green. I added detail to the face with black and white. To make the suckers on the octopus legs I used the rounded end of paintbrush dipped it into the white.

My hand has been painted for several hours, I have been painting and typing with it and the paint has not cracked at all. It feels light-weigh on my skin and is not coarse or rough in any way.

I am very excited to be face painting this weekend with such a great I high quality face paint.

Disclosure: I am in no way affiliated with Snazaroo nor was I paid for my opinion or given samples.

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