September 22, 2010

Kids Craft Bat Halloween Decoration

I prefer to decorate my home for each holiday with my children's crafts.  They always have such fun making the decorations and I enjoy seeing them up.  Honestly, it makes me happy every time I look at them.  I am not sure what I am going to do when they stop wanting to do crafts with me?  But until then I will relish the time spent crafting and decorating the home with them.

Here is an easy bat that kids can make for a Halloween decorations, even make several bats and hang them with string in the windows.

Black Card Stock
Black, White, and Black Glitter Foam
Silver Glitter Glue
Googly Eyes
Glue Dots

1. Begin by folding a standard size piece of card stock in half.  Then cut the card stock along the fold.
2. Next, fold the card stock into an accordion shape.

3. Fold each end together and tape them to form a circle.  Do not tape it tightly but rather just let the ends meet.

4. Glue dot fangs, eyes, and googly eyes on the bat's face.

5. Cut out bat wings and tape them along the back of the bat's face.

6. Lastly, using silver glitter glue embellish the bat's wings.

Find all of your materials at


1 comment:

  1. That is the cutest thing I ever saw! I suddenly have the urge to make dozens of them. Thanks once again.


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