September 23, 2010

Scary Halloween Mask

You would think as a crafter that my children would love to wear and use all the stuff I make. Sadly, that is just not the case. My children see me craft all the time so it is not that special to them. They want unique and different.

Recently, I sat down to make a Halloween Mask using Rigid Wrap. The process intrigued my son because we had used something very similar last year to make a diorama together. We had some great bonding time making the diorama and he was hoping that he could help with the Halloween mask.

His first and most important question before we even began was, “What is the mask going to be?”

“I am thinking that I could easily make a cute kitten or bunny mask”, was my response.

He became upset with my answer because he thinks I make things too, “girlie”. We sat down together and began to scour the Internet for scary Halloween mask images. Who knew there were so many? Seriously!

After a long search we found a scary mask that he really liked and we then set out to make a similar shape with Rigid Wrap. Click here for complete instructions with pictures.

We had so much fun making the mask. Poor guy when it was all done he asked if we had to put a bow or some ribbon on it? It made me laugh, I promised no ribbon, and to start making more boy projects!

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