April 11, 2010

Embellished Paper Mache Box Spring Themed

I wanted something different when making this box. I wanted a more random artistic feel. I am not sure if Martha Stewart would approve? However, I often feel that when it comes to craft items they are pigeon hole into categories of appropriate uses and none appropriate uses. So for this craft I started by painting the paper mache box, I decoupaged a vellum quote onto the box, used wall paper border for embellishment, and randomly placed cardstock squares around the perimeter of the box.

Mod Podge
Foam Brush
Paper Mache Box
Yellow Paint
Wallpaper Border
Vellum Quotes Nature and Inspiration Item 259641
Card Stock
Paper Edger Scissors Scallop Item 081771

To purchase craft supplies visit  AllCraftSupplies.com and use their search box. Items can easily be found by item number or description.

Begin by painting the paper mache box. It will take two to three coats. Once it is dry; decoupage wall paper border shapes along the sides and top cover.

Using Vellum Quotes, I used the Nature and Inspiration packet, cut out a quote and decoupage it onto the top cover of the box. Place a thin layer of Mod Podge on the bottom of the quote and then another layer on top. Using a foam brush or your finger work all the bumps out of the vellum pushing and pulling smoothly as you go.

Cut several squares of cardstock using scallop scissors. Decoupage the squares along the sides of the box and the cover.

Place decorated seed packets into the box and give it as a gift.

Visit my tutorial for decoupaging on a tin and card stock.

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