April 9, 2010

Earth Day Ribbon Windsock Ovaltine Container Part 2

Today, is Part Two of recycling an Ovaltine Container. Yesterday, I removed the tin from the bottom of the container for punch tin art.

The remainder of the Ovaltine container will be used today for a fun decorative ribbon windsock.  The windsock can be hung in a room or outside on a porch for a spring flair.  The wind will twirl and blow the ribbon tails.

Small Ovaltine® Container
Curling Ribbon (Variety of Colors)
Glue Gun (or Glue Dots)
Hole Puncher

1. Wash the inside of the Ovaltine Container and remove the label.

2. Using scissors trim the bottom of the Ovaltine container evenly, the end that you cut the tin bottom from.  This step may or may not be necessary depending how cleanly you cut the tin off the bottom for the previous craft.

3. Hole punch the sides of the container and attach curling ribbon to use as the hanger.

4. Glue ribbon along the sides of the container spaced a half inch apart. Leave strands of curling ribbon hanging at the bottom.

5. Hot glue the strands of curling ribbon along the bottom edge of the windsock.

6. Weave strands of curling ribbon along the sides of the windsock about an inch apart. Hot glue the curling ribbon at the start and end of each row.

7. Hang the windsock.


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