March 6, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Jewelry using Blue Moon Beads

I want to make some little trinkets to go into the little St. Patrick's Day Treasure Box I made for my daughter.

I really like Blue Moon Beads especially their Lost & Found Collection.  The Lost & Found Collection is very easy to design with and requires very little jewelry making skill.  To purchase Blue Moon Beads visit and browse their Beads Category.

I purchased three 18" Chain Necklaces and six metal charms all from The Lost & Found Collection.

I began by making a St. Patrick's Day Four Leaf Clover Necklace.  The only materials I need to add the charm to the necklace is needle nose pliers and some jump rings.  I began by opening the jump ring up with the pliers and attaching it to the charm.

I add two more jump rings; with the last connecting onto the necklace.  This necklace was very easy to make and cost under $7.00 (not including the cost of the pliers).

Next, I made a St. Patrick's Day Pin using ribbon and a Blue Moon Lost and Found Clover Charm.

First I began by threading (like an accordion) 5/8 wide ribbon onto a coil-less pin.

I threaded the ribbon onto the front of the pin until it was entirely covered and then I twisted it to give it a fun shape.

I then attached four jump rings onto the center of the pin and lastly attached the clover charm.


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