March 4, 2010

Easy Craft Fair Item using Elmer's Painters Paint Markers

A couple of years ago, I wanted an easy craft fair item that I could take with me and make right on the spot at the craft venue.  I was selling hair bows, children's clothes, and baby bibs but I wanted something that I could personalize for the customer and it didn't require me to have a lot of materials on hand.

I designed these easy personalized name barrettes using Goodies barrettes and Elmer's Painters.

Elmer's Painters come in a variety of colors and sized types.  I prefer the ultra fine tip for writing the names and medium fine tip for making little pictures or dots on the barrette.

I purchased several different colors of the Goodies barrettes and several different types of gems.  I used Gem-Tac glue to attach the gems on the sides of the barrettes (hot glue will work too but a plug at a craft fair is not always available).

I used the ultra fine tip Elmer's Painters to write the names on the barrettes.  Pay special attention to the direction you write the name versus the way the barrette will have to be placed in the child's hair .

Lastly, I used the medium tip pen to add a little dot on either side of the name.  If you don't want gems little flowers, crowns, and smiley faces work great for the edges of the barrette, as well.

To purchase Elmer's Painters visit

For a review of the Elmer's Painters visit one of my favorite blogs: CraftTestDummies 


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