March 15, 2010

Easy Decoupaged Spring Vase

Fresh flowers always lift my spirits especially at the start of spring. Something about having the smell and feel of fresh flowers throughout the house just makes the uncertainty of Spring’s arrival in New Hampshire, that much more bearable.

I also love cute little vases. The smaller vases do not require as much flowers and they can easily be placed on window sills or counters without getting in the way. The greatest thing about small vases is that you can buy a bouquet of flowers and then separate them into smaller vases all throughout the home.

To make this small vase I used a recycled taco sauce bottle, a small amount of the wall paper border that I bought at a dollar store, and Mod Podge.

Begin first cleaning, washing, and drying a taco sauce bottle or something similar in shape. I love wall paper border for decoupaging, it doesn’t rip, already has some glue on it so it sticks really well to everything, and it is super cheap at dollar stores and is often on clearance at home improvement stores.

Cut shapes out and decoupage onto the bottle. Use a foam sponge brush to spread the Mod Podge evenly across the entire bottle to give it a smoky look.

Let the vase dry over night and in the morning place freshly cut flowers into your beautiful homemade vase.

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Visit to see their wide selection of  Mod Podge.  Type Mod Podge in the search box.

Happy Spring,
Sarah Forhan


  1. Just a quick FYI to let you know we included you in our Spring Carnival on

    A Carnival only works if you share it! Please tell your readers all about it!

    Thanks for playing along!

  2. Thanks, Sarah M. for posting my craft at Craft Critique. I posted a Spring Wreath Tutorial yesterday, along with a link to my readers about all the great spring crafts at the Spring Carnival on Craft Critique. I believe strongly in "linky love"! Thanks, again for posting my craft.


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