March 14, 2010

Crayola Model Magic Product Review

I was intrigued by Crayola’s Magic Modeling. Does it really work? Can you form shapes with the clay-like substance and have it dry by morning?  I certainly was skeptical but I wanted to give it a try.

Before even opening it I scanned over the box it claimed to be super soft and easier to use then clay, no messy crumbling, and it air dries. I thought very interesting, but would it safe for my children’s sensitive skin and would it smell bad or have a chemical type of smell.

When I opened the box I found 6 packages of sealed Magic Modeling. I opened each of the packages because I was allowing both of my children to test the product and three colors for each seemed perfectly fair. I gave each child a placemat, a straw to punch holes in the clay if they wanted to make beads, and a few small cookie cutters.

To my surprise both my 6 yr old and 8 yr old were able to start right away designing with the clay. My 6 yr old began right away mixing and swirling the colors creating interesting patterns. The colors seemed to blend and mix well. She has very sensitive skin and I checked her hands throughout the entire process and then again at the end and I didn’t notice any discomfort or rashes on her hands. I noticed no bad or chemical odor; actually I didn’t particular notice any odor, which was a real pleasant surprise. There was absolutely no crumbling and no mess even on the placemats.

My daughter made some beads and an alien and my son made a tea cup to hold my jewelry. I wanted to try making a rose with Magic Modeling because flowers were mentioned in the pamphlet that came with the box, figured if a child was suppose to be able to do it, I could too. Turns out it was very easy to do and I had no problem forming it.

After making our clay trinkets we set them aside to dry for a whole 24 hours. When we came back a day later the clay-like substance was dry but not what I would call hard. It was more of a foam like substance. You could press the clay in with your fingers but it would spring back to its original shape. I think I thought it would dry more like hard clay, though when I looked back at the box it never claimed to be clay or harden like clay. The objects were not that durable but they were still very fun and easy to make. I am able to use the tea cup to hold some of my jewelry and my daughter strung some of the beads she made on a necklace. However, the alien did not last she ended up pulling off all the legs on her alien I can’t really be sure why except to see if she could.

Crayola Magic Modeling has many different colors that can be purchase in small packages, big boxes, or even bigger tubs. Visit and type Crayola Magic Modeling into the search box to see their great selection.


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