March 12, 2010

Children's Easter Bunny Candy Holder Craft

I designed an easy to make Easter Bunny Candy Holder. I wanted a craft that would be fun mess free and that I could incorporate into my children’s spring classroom party. My goal was to come up with a craft that required very little guidance from me, and could be held together with glue dots. Glue dots are a wonderful tool for mess free crafting. One of the greatest thing about glue dots is there is no waiting for the project to dry it can be played with immediately. Visit: and type; Item 246651 into the search box to get see my favorite brand and style of glue dots.


Below is the Easter Bunny Candy Holder step-by-step tutorial:
Using glue dots, glue the bottom of two white small bathroom style Solo cups. One will be facing up while the other is facing down.

Cut two pink bunny ears out of heavy cardstock. Notch the end of both of the bunny ears and place on the rim of the cup.
Attach bunnies face using googley eyes, pom pom nose, and pipe cleaner whiskers. Use glue dots to attach everything.

Place a small spring ribbon where both cups meet hold in place with glue dots.

Lastly, attach a large pom pom on the bottom cup for the bunny’s tail.

Fill the cup with candies for Easter.

This Easter project works great for classrooms, daycares, afterschool programs, or as a fun activity on a rainy afternoon. Make several bunnies for a wonderful spring decoration or even use on the table as place-setters; write each guest’s name on the bottom cup below the ribbon.

Sidenote: One of my readers commented that these candy holders would also work great to hold hard boiled eggs.  I thought it was such a great idea I wanted to pass it along to you.

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Happy Crafting,
Sarah Forhan


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  1. Not only for candy, I think these would make perfect egg holders for Easter Eggs! Thanks for the idea.

  2. Perfect idea, cbartlett. How could I forget the eggs? They would look so cute on Easter table with hard boiled eggs inside! Cheers and thanks for adding on to my idea!


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