February 7, 2010

Valetine's Day - Chocolate Hershey Roses

Bringing chocolate and roses together into one is the perfect combination!

I have seen many different instructions to make chocolate roses but I needed to design one that was simple and elegant. I made over a hundred of these roses for a baby shower a year ago and that is why I came up with these roses. I needed a design that was not too time consuming.

There are many different variations that can be done to make these roses perfect for many occasions (just change the ribbon color): baby showers (boy or girl), bridal showers, weddings, Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, and (of course) Valentine’s Day!

Materials Needed:
• Floral Stems
• Floral Tape
• Foiled Hershey Kisses
• Saran Wrap
• Ribbon for Roses
• Foliage (optional)
• Tissue Paper (optional)

Place two Hershey Kisses bottom to bottom. Put them in the middle of a piece of Saran Wrap approximately 6 inches long by 2 inches wide. Tightly wrap the kisses along the top. Place a floral stem at the bottom and finish wrapping the kisses with the Saran Wrap; including the tip of the floral stem.

Hold everything together by wrapping the base of a kiss and the top of floral stem with floral tape. Wrap tightly.

Cut a piece of ribbon 10 inches long. Fold down a corner of the ribbon forming a triangle. Start with the end point of the triangle and fold it around the base of the bottom Hershey Kiss. Holding the ribbon tightly continue to wrap around the kisses. To form the petals of the ribbon twist the ribbon when wrapping. Once the petals are completely formed take the end piece of ribbon and fold it down towards the base of the flower.

Wrap floral tape around the entire base of the flower securing the end pieces of ribbon.

Add foliage and ribbon to the roses for a nice finished look.

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