February 5, 2010

Valentine's Day - Easy Inexpensive Gifts for all Ages

Valentine’s Day is a holiday to express your love and affection through cards and gifts. It is a time to express your love through “heart”-felt gifts not necessarily expensive gifts. The most wonderful gift you can give someone is something that was made from your “heart”.

Bath Salt - placed in a sheer bag and decorated with different ribbons. Your loved one can take a hot bath and relax with bath salt in the tub.

Tea Bags – placed in a decorated canning jar. Attach X’s and O’s to the end of the tea bags. Visit C4K555.org and print out the X’s and O’s templates in the printer friendly instructions.

Listed Below is: Classroom projects and gifts for children to give to their parents or grandparents.

Valentine’s Day Card with Heart Pin 

Valentine’s Day Card Holder

Valentine’s Day Beaded Bracelet

Visit C4K555.org click on the side bar entitled, "Valentine's Day" to download the craft instructions.

Stunning Roses

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