February 3, 2010

Crafters 4 Kids

I started designing and writing crafts for Crafters 4 Kids, in early November of 2009.  
 Crafters 4 Kids is a wonderful organization that has grown in leaps in bounds in just a few short months.  It is a non-profit organization dedicated to designing craft instructions that are easy, inexpensive, and family oriented.  The main premise of the site is to offer a wide variety of seasonal and family crafts that can be done in 5 minutes and under $5.00. 
I feel blessed to be part of such a wonderful organization and work with such wonderful talented people.
The founder of the organization, Sandy Sandler has been diligently working through media and written interviews to get the word out about Crafters 4 Kids, also known as, C4K555.org.  Please visit her site to see all the wonderful things it has to offer and to look over all my many craft instructions.


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