February 9, 2010

Valentine's Day Classroom Craft - Personalized Charm Necklace

I have 17 little first graders that are depending on me to come up with an easy classroom craft for Valentine’s Day. I like the crafts to be mess-free (for the teachers), easy (because “hello” they are six yrs old), and personalized (for the children).

The craft I have planned is this fun personalized Valentine’s Day necklace that they can either keep or give to their mom or grandmother.

First, I plan to pass out small plastic cups filled with beads for each of the children. I will then pass out pre-cut lacing cord with one of the ends looped so that the beads will not fall off.

Children will have fun choosing their own necklace pattern and looking at the variety of beads. Once necklace cord is beaded I will come around and thread the lace cord thorough the loop and then loop the other end. The necklace can easily fit over the head and the two loops will keep the necklace from coming undone.

Lastly, I will surprise each of the students with their own personalized charm. I used their school pictures (often the school office keeps them on file) glued them onto scrapbooking paper and then onto stiff felt. I hole punched the sides to attach sparkly brads and the top to attach a lanyard hook.

Help children attach their charm to their necklace using the lanyard hooks. Lanyard hooks are very easy to pinch open so they may not need help.

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