February 22, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Foamies Bookmark

I designed this craft because I wanted an easy St. Patrick's Day craft that my children could do.  Foamies are a wonderful easy mess-free craft and I tend to use them a lot for my children's crafts and when I volunteer in the local elementary school.  

"This is an easy craft for children to make to give to their teacher, babysitter, or family member!  Or to use to keep their place in their own books." - Sarah Forhan

Green Foam
Small Foam Letters (optional)
Glue Dots or Glue Stick

1. Gather all materials needed for this craft. Instead of using foam letters markers will work, as well. 

2. Cut the foam into a bookmark strip. Then fold the rest of the foam in half and cut out three half heart shapes. Open the fold to see your hearts.

3. Attach the hearts to end of the bookmark using glue dots. The points of the hearts should be touching.

4. Use either foam letters or markers to write a special message on the bookmark.


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