February 24, 2010

No Sew Woven Ribbon Purse

This woven purse is an easy craft for all ages to make.  This purse requires no sewing and only a limited amount of materials.

The template for weaving the purse is made using cardboard and the only materials needed is yarn or ribbon.  An optional weaving needle is not needed but can make it easier especially for young children.

Cut a piece of corrugated cardboard 8 inches wide by 6 inches. Along the top of the cardboard cut slits every 1/2 inch. You should have a total of 15 slits across the top. Then on the bottom right hand corner ¼ inch from the edge cut another slit.

To begin weaving start at the first slit on the top left. Measure your ribbon 2 inches in and place it through the slit at the 2 inch mark. Wrap the ribbon completely around your cardboard loom; back to front and through the first slit. Next, pull the ribbon across the back to the second slit. Then, front to back and through the second slit, again. Next, pull the ribbon across the front to the third slit. This time back to front through the third slit, again. With each slit alternate front to back forming loops across every other slit.

Finish the loom by pulling the ribbon down from the fifteenth slit to the bottom right slit. You should have 15 strips of ribbon on the front and 16 strips of ribbon on the back.

Begin by using the ribbon on the bottom right slit to weave ribbon through the strips. Weave both front and back of your loom. If you want to change the color of your ribbon just tie it on. When you have reached the top of your cardboard loom tie your woven ribbon to the 2 inch ribbon you left hanging down at the first slit and trim.

To detach your purse simply take the loops (that you formed with your ribbon) off of the cardboard slats and pull the cardboard out through the opening.

Attach ribbon at the top left and right of the purse to form your handle.

For detailed pictures of the weaving process click here. The purse made was a Woven St. Patrick's Day Purse with Marabou Trim and Beaded Handle.


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