February 13, 2010

Bumble Bee Wings

I finished the bumble headband just the other day. The last two days I have been working on creating bumble bee wings. I wanted the wings to be light-weight, easy to make, inexpensive to make, and most of all easy for my little bumble bee to wear. It was important to me that the wings were attached to her arms so that she could flap her wings as she ran.

Here is what I came up with:

Materials Needed:
8 pieces of Paper Stem Wire
1 pair of woman’s yellow nylons (sized tall – medium)
Gold Glitter Glue
Black Grosgrain Ribbon or Twill
Hot Glue Gun

  • Begin by wrapping the ends of two of the paper stem wire. Form wing shape.

  • Cut the yellow nylon the length of the wing and pull over wing. Knot the end of the nylon. 

  • Place the nylon on the three other wings. (Helpful Hint: For the two ends that do not have the foot seam on them hot glue the end and turn the nylon inside out for your seam.)

  • Hot glue black ribbon around the edges of the wings.

  • Using the gold glitter glue make swirls onto the yellow nylon. Set aside and let dry.

  •  Attach ribbon onto to both sides of the wings covering the nylon knot on the back. (Helpful Hint: Ribbon will be about 12 inches in length. Test the ribbon length by placing wings onto child’s arms.)

  • Attach the top wings to the bottom wings using hot glue.

  • Attach thin elastic to the top wing, using hot glue. 

To finish the bumble bee costume I attached ribbon to the front of a gold hooded sweatshirt. Use iron-on hem tape, according to the directions, to adhere the ribbon to the sweatshirt.


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