June 3, 2013

Sorry Ladies, My Daddy is Taken SEI Iron-On Art

SEI Crafts has a huge selection of scrapbooking products, tie-dye, and iron-on art. 

With Father's Day fast approaching I thought the sentiment "sorry ladies, my DADDY is TAKEN!" would be perfect for a onesie.  I also made a matching infant headband with crocheted flowers.  To learn how to make the flowers visit my tutorial: 6 Petal Crochet Flower Tutorial.

This style iron-on is different from any that I have ever made.  Previous ones, I have used you iron and then slowly peeled away the label.  You are left with a film on the entire design. 

This iron-on the letters are perforated and you slowly peel and remove the letters from the label.  It takes a little to pull them from the label and the entire time I was worried that not all the letters would come off.  However, each letter along with the dots for the "i's" and the comma did peel off.  I would absolutely use this type of iron-on art, again.  The letters are raised, have texture, and look professionally done.

You can find this iron-on on Amazon.com (click the picture below for more details).

There are so many different possibilities with s.e.i iron-ons!


  1. OMG! super cute shirt!

    new follower from boggy moms! hope you can follow back :)

    Claudia @ http://www.prettylittledahlia.com/

    1. Claudia thanks for stopping by! Heading over to your blog right now! :-)

  2. I just bought some of the iron on letters today for my daughter's dress hoping they would look good. Your onesie turned out great! It ALMOST makes me want another baby but we just got our daughter to sleep all night (at almost 3 years old) and I'm growing quite fond of 8 hours straight lol. Now I'm off to the sewing races to finish.


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