May 24, 2013

How to Add Gems to Face Painting Using Girlie Glue

Have you heard of Girlie Glue?  Girlie Glue is made with Agave nectar and other all natural ingredients. It’s safe and 100% HONEY-FREE!  Girlie Glue has lots of applications - with a dab of glue now babies with fine of no hair can wear hair bows!

My little girlie has lots of hair but she is afraid to have her ears pierced.  The other day, we used Girlie Glue to hold little rhinestones on her ears, all day.  She was so happy to show all her friends her rhinestone earrings!  I was impressed that the rhinestones stayed on her ears, all day!  After staying on her ears all day I expected the rhinestones to be really hard to remove.   However, with a little soap and water they were off in a flash.  After having such great results with using Girlie Glue for earrings, I thought it would also be perfect for adding gems when face painting.  I volunteer to face paint at our local school craft fair, each year.  Wouldn't be neat to add gems to the face paintings!

After waiting briefly for the face paint to dry I glued on some gems and rhinestones.  Amazing results!  The gems where easy to place on the face with the Girlie Glue.  And, equally easy to remove when I was done!

To learn more about Girlie Glue I invite you to visit their website, like them on facebook page, and follow them on Pinterest.

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