May 29, 2013

Beaded Stretchy Headband Tutorial

If is funny how craft projects and craft interests just evolve.  A fellow crafter showed me her beautiful bracelets that she made using a technique called tubular crochet beading!  I instantly fell in love with her work and bought several of her bracelets.

But the crafter in me wants to make my own.  I have watched youtube videos and found some online tutorials but I am no where near close to having anything that looks like a bracelet.  However, I did buy several small crochet hooks, seed beeds, and beading thread and spent hours working on it. 

The other day, I stopped beading and worked on a tutorial for the Bowdabra Blog.  I made a personalized infant onesie and crocheted headband with bow.  You can find the tutorial here.  While making the crocheted headband I came across a really simple crocheting pattern at Mom of 5 Daughters.

I used the crocheting pattern as my inspiration for making a beaded stretchy headband.  I still haven't mastered the tubular crochet beading but I got to use one of my new hooks, some small beads, and crochet my own design.  I am calling that crafty progress!

To make the headband you will need the following supplies:

1. After gathering my supplies I strung approximately 100 beads onto the cording.
2. Then I made a slip knot at the end of the cording and chained 9.
3. I doubled crocheted in the 5th chain from the beginning, then I chained 1 adding a bead.
4. I doubled crocheted in the 3rd chain from the beginning, then chained 1 adding a bead.
5. Then I doubled in the last chain.
6. Next, I chained three, turned it, then double crocheted in the first stitch.  (The double crochet will be right above your first bead.)  Then chained 1 added a bead, double crocheted, chained 1 added a bead, double crocheted, then chain 3 and turned.  I continued this pattern adding two beads to each row.
7. When the headband measured 18" long (loosely stretched) I crocheted the ends together.  18" long is the perfect size for me as an adult. 


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