January 14, 2013

Help! Organize My Home in 4 Easy Steps

Need help organizing your home? When my home is organized and tidy, I know I tend to feel happier and less frazzled.

Specifically, right after the holidays I start to get a panic feeling looking at all the clutter and excess. At the beginning of each year, as a family, we go through and sort the “clutter and excess” into piles; sell, donate, and trash. I always involve my children so that they can help make decisions on what should go. Granted, it would probably be easier to sort before the holidays. But by doing at the start of the New Year they can see all the new things they have and it makes it easier to get rid of the old.

We are now several weeks after Christmas and the clutter is gone (specially the dang Christmas tree that takes up precious square footage). The holiday decorations are packaged away; the excess has been thrown away, donated, or boxed and ready to be sold on Ebay.

I am now into the full swing of things. Here are 4 Easy Steps that keep my home organized throughout the year.

Meal Plans: Meal plans are key! Each Sunday I sit down and make a meal plan for the entire week. Whichever day you decide to make a meal plan it should always be before you grocery shop. Making a meal plan takes the guesswork and stress out of cooking each night. Guaranteed you will eat better and save money with a meal plan. I also save precious time during the day not having to run to the store for last minute food items.

Clean a Little Each Day: There are certain household duties that you have to do every day, like dishes, but a lot of it can be spaced out throughout the week so that it is not too overwhelming. Instead of spending hours cleaning your home one-day-a week, spend a few minutes each day doing specific chores. I keep a cleaning calendar. It is a free calendar that I got in the mail and I use it to keep track of daily clean responsibilities. I tried putting it on my regular home calendar but it gets lost with all kids’ activities and appointments. I space out the laundry so that I am doing it every other day, break up the dusting, vacuuming, mopping, bathroom cleaning, etc. so that I am just doing a little cleaning each day. Make the calendar work for your schedule! I know that we are busy on the weekends and I don’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning. I load up on Monday’s because I have to get up early on Monday’s anyway. Again, make it work for you and your family.

Get the Family Involved: Housework should not be just for the mom! I strongly feel like everyone should pitch in. However, I have noticed that the cleaner the house the more everyone makes an effort. If I have piles of stuff everywhere - then they feel like - why not add to it. But if the house is tidy then they are more likely to put away their own things. I make my children (9 & 10yrs old) keep their own rooms clean. I vacuum their rooms but they are in charge of making their beds and dusting. Every Saturday, they need to remove everything from the tops of their dressers and shelves and dust. You would be surprised how quickly toys and knick-knacks will find a home in drawers to make dusting easier.

Reward Yourself: Though, I love the feeling I get from having a tidy home I actually loathe to clean. So I reward myself – instead of sitting down and crafting, reading or watching TV, I will clean first. I know it sounds a juvenile but it really works for me! Adding a little reward at the end makes me clean faster, and feel accomplished, and guilt-free when I am done.

I encourage you to find an organizational method that works for you and your family! Check back tomorrow when I share my craft room organizational tips. -->

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