December 10, 2012

The Farm Chicks Christmas Book Review

County Living book "The Farm Chicks Christmas", is chock full of merry ideas for the holidays!

I often find craft inspiration reading DIY style craft books.  Sometimes, DIY books are pages of step-by-step craft tutorials but rarely are you allowed a glimpse into the crafty life of the author. NOT this book, author, Serena Thompson, shares photos of her family and friends. The book is also full of cute little stories; like her husband Colin trying to start a tree farm only to have squirrels take it over, a super sweet story of when Serena was a child - and her Christmas wish, along with amazing pictures and sneak peeks into Serena's home and her friends' homes during the holidays.

To my surprise this holiday book not only has some amazing craft ideas but also delicious recipes. Coincidentally, my daughter just asked the other day if we could bake some holiday cookies. "Cookies that are new that we have never made before." Hmm...I wasn't so sure until I saw all these great recipes. The raspberry thumbprints and the dark chocolate mint cookies are perfect! Best of all, BONUS in the back of the book, there are adorable little sticker gift tags that read, "Baked for you by", and cut-out little recipe cards.

This Christmas, I am giving several gift cards and certificates but I didn't want to use the little paper holders. There is great instructions for making a felt gift card holder held closed with fabric covered buttons.  I also loved a tree decorated by Serena's friend Teri. Teri made pom pom snowballs and decorated her entire tree with them. It turned out amazing. I think a miniature tree with snowball pom poms would look adorable in my home, this holiday.

Book: The Farm Chicks Christmas (September 2012, Hearst, 9781588169730)

More about the author: Serena Thompson runs The Farm Chicks Antique Show, in Spokane, WA; maintains a website and blog where she shares Farm Chick Style, a line of jewelry, clothing, and stationery items; and is a contributing editor to Country Living.  

Disclosure: I received The Farm Chick Christmas book free in exchange for my honest opinion of the book. My thoughts and opinions of the book are my own.

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