November 20, 2012

Infant Beanie & Wide-Brimmed Crochet Hats

During the fall and winter I enjoy making simple crochet throw blankets.  The blankets are very simple to make and keep me occupied (and warm), while my husband is watching hours of football, on Sundays.  However, I have decided to expand my knowledge of crocheting and try to figure out crochet patterns - with all their crazy two and three letter notations.

Crochet patterns in the past, have always looked too scary to me, to even attempt.  I thought I would start with a simple crochet baby beanie hat as my first project.  I used and their pattern for my first project.   I really enjoyed the pattern because the author provided a key with links so that I could figure out each stitch style. 

I made the beanie hat four times before I got it right!  The first two hats were absolutely awful and the other two there was just minor imperfections but I had put so much effort into this pattern, I wanted it to be right.   Luckily, the project was very easy to take apart and I just kept reusing the same yarn.   The final hat took me less than hour to make and it was so easy and "simple" once I got the hang of reading the pattern.

Once, I figured out the pattern I decided to just make a few changes.  I so surprised that just a few little tweaks and the hat could look entirely different.  For my original beanie hat I used Light #3 Worsted Yarn for a wide-brimmed hat I used both Medium and Light worsted yarn.  I changed the color pattern, medium worsted yarn at the top, light worsted yarn at the bottom, finished with a little yellow ribbon.  

If you are a beginner crocheter and are nervous about following a pattern, I highly recommend starting with something easy like a beanie hat.  Also, Crochet was a wonderful resource for crochet instructions and a free pattern!


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  1. Sarah these beanies are adorable! Thanks for sharing them in the weekly Bowdabra Crafty Showcase.

    The new showcase opens up Friday midnight and runs through Thursday noon. We hope that you share more of your crafty creations.

    susie @Bowdabra


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